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Dave, you're certainly correct that one reason Brady is so successful is because he's perfect for Weis' system. Not all QBs would flourish in that type of offense. But does that mean they couldn't do well in New England, period? If so, it doesn't say much for Weis. Long before everyone was looking for a quarterback who could run the 'West Coast' Offense, great offensive minds built their systems around the quarterback. Bill Walsh had a downfield offense with Greg Cook in Cincinnati and then changed his system in San Francisco to suit Joe Montana's talents. If Weis is truly worthy of being a head coach somewhere, surely he can work with a quarterback like Favre or Vick.

"System QBs" don't impress me. You seem to be arguing that's what Brady is, so it doesn't win him any points in this corner. I certainly believe Brady is better than David Carr, but he wouldn't have gone to the playoffs this year if he played in Houston.

And if you're going to slight Favre or Marino, you'll lose me. Those guys could have been successful in any offensive system. Marino had fundamentals most of the QBs in the game today could only dream about. Peyton Manning probably compares, and that's about it.
Originally posted by jonnyboone71923
He has at least three more superbowl to play in maybe more.

In time I won't have a problem calling him the greatest of all time.
No, Brady does not have "at least three more superbowl to play in". I assure you. And unless he's been hiding something from us so far, he will also never be "the greatest of all time". Brady's been great in the two biggest games of his career, but just above average in the rest. He's not the best QB in the NFL right now (I put him 3rd, behind Manning and McNair), and he wasn't in 2001 or 2002, either. He's never been All-Pro -- the guy's never even been the second-best player at his position and you're talking about him one day being the greatest of all time? He's been voted to one Pro Bowl; Montana made nine. Unless you expect Brady to play 27 years, I think it's WAY too early for anything stronger than, "You know, Tom Brady kinda reminds me of Joe Montana."

Right now, he's a lot more similar to Aikman.
(And this from a guy who likes Brady and loathed Aikman).

I realize I never actually answered Dave's original challenge:
Brad, your turn to tell us what Brady needs to accomplish, if it's at all possible, to be rationally compared to Montana.
He needs to be outstanding -- not just good -- in the regular season as well as the postseason, for at least 10 years.
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