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Actually, I think the Dodgers fingered the right guy here, unless McCourt has that much input into who DePodesta acquired. Since the middle of the '04 season he has made so many blunders to bring this franchise crashing into mediocrity. DePodesta clearly had no clue as to what he was doing running a franchise.

Bruce Chen has worked with Mazzone in the past and amounted to nothing when he came up with the Braves. He did okay as a reliever but stunk it up as a starter until he went to Philly and had mixed success with them. I don't know maybe he can figure it out this time around.

Hunter to Boston? It depends on what Boston is willing to part with to have him. Second Base seems to be high on the Twins priority list which is a position Boston has been alarmingly thin at in recent years. Given how underwhelming pitching looks to be via free agency this year the Sox may want to look into trading for some pitching rather than another CFer. Not to mention they need to figure out what to do with Manny. I don't know that they are going to have much of a choice as he is threatening not to show up for Spring Training if they don't move him.

My best guess is that Raffy is done and somebody will take a flyer on Sosa, though I doubt it will be Tampa Bay. They already have more OFers than they know what to do with right now with Baldelli, Huff, Crawford, Gathright, Gomes, and Hollins all pushing for playing time. That is not to mention Delmon Young at AAA who cannot stay down there forever. If anything the Rays need to move some of their OFers for some pitching help and not add an over-the-hill Sammy Sosa. He will stay in the AL and be somebody's DH next season.
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