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being in IT, I have found the best way to get at people is to mess with their computers.

always remember, the simpler, the better!

(some require more access/privilege than others)

-put a small strip of tape over someone's mouseball. watch them frustratedly try to use it.

-very slightly unplug someone's network cable so the link light goes out. laugh haughtily as IT arrives, plugs the cable in and walks away pissed

-if someone has an older keyboard, switch a few keys around. they will notice immediately, but watch them try to remember where they go!

-setting the "marquee" screensaver in windows to naughty things is always fun. such as "i am not at my desk because i am stealing office supplies in the basement", "hi, my name is ____ and i think my boss is a jerk", etc.

-change someone's mouse sensitivity to super-high or switch it to left-handed for the button controls

-place a blank floppy in the drive. wait for them to reboot or startup. laugh heartily as IT shows up, pulls the floppy and walks away pissed
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