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Default 2001 Season

My take on the 2001 season is this:
It was a season with lots of promise for the future.
It was a season with lots of promise for destruction of the game as we know it now.
It was a season with many teams and players that showed that they might be able to become winners, if allowed to.
It was a season that ended a long streak.
It was a season that saw many records broken.
It may be the last season that many fans pay any attention to baseball, if the Lords of Baseball are allowed to do what they want with it, rather than fixing the problems that are causing the difficulties that we currently see.
It was a season that saw a national tragedy interrupt the season for the first time in a long time. Baseball helped bring back normalcy to American life.
Overall, it was a great season, on the field, and a terrible season in the boardrooms.
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