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Originally Posted by themush View Post
Buck, I can't help but notice you have no SEC teams in there.
Here's the deal mush...

1. Ohio problem right?

2. problem right?

3. Wisconsin...senior QB, second leading rusher behind Wolfe, best lines (when taking both into account) in the nation, and a road loss by 14 points to a team that I had as #1 up until this week.

4. Southern Cal...strong SOS, lost on the road with many injuries, and playing the best conference in the nation...IMO.

5. Texas...home loss to #1 otherwise it has been domination.

6. Louisville...undefeated.

7. Notre Dame...home loss to #2 Michigan, still with a strong SOS despite it going down in recent weeks.

8. Oklahoma...neutral loss to Texas, road loss to Oregon (note: no SEC team went on the road to a high-ranking BCS school this year...which means Oklahoma would have only 1 loss by "SEC rules" despite the loss of their QB and partial loss of Peterson)

9. West Virginia...road loss to an undefeated...this is basically the same team that spanked the SEC champ from last year which means I can take them or leave them over an SEC team...and I just happen to be taking them right now.

10. Rutgers...undefeated, nice rushing attack, good defense.

My main problem here is that I firmly believe you have to have Arkansas as your #1 SEC team since they are the only undefeated in conference play. But they lost to a team with one loss while Wisconsin, Notre Dame, West Virginia and Texas all lost to a team with no losses. In all fairness, if we expanded the rankings I'd probably have Arkansas at #11.
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