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Originally Posted by suedon1970 View Post
Your Big Ten/anti-SEC bias is hilarious. Yes, Wisconsin only lost to Michigan away, but that is the ONLY ranked opponent they will face this year. Florida lost to Auburn away by less than two touchdowns, and btw beat three ranked opponents. If Wisconsin is so great, why are they still only ranked 14th or 15th depending on the poll? Oh, I think I answered my own question....

USC lost to an unranked opponent, and has beat only one so far this year. You don't even have Cal on your list, and they are undefeated in the "mighty" Pac 10........

Notre Dame.....don't even get me started. Beat one ranked opponent, got whipped by another the next week at home, and that's it. USC will probably have two more losses by the time they meet on Nov 25....

West Virginia......

Rutgers....I will add them to my list if they beat Louisville this Thurs, but before that, nope. Heck, Wisconsin should be ranked before them, even with their joke of a schedule......
Name the specific team you believe deserves to be in over the ten I have in there and I will go thru it point by point using that team and all ten teams I have listed.
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