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Last week proved to be a good week as I finished with a 10-4-2 record. Thatís a number any betting man would be happy to have had in Vegas, although 16-0 would have been sweeter. However, these lines are made to increase the difficulty of obtaining such numbers. Having gone 2-1 on the Thanksgiving Day games this week, Iím already short the perfect week, letís hope this week end proves better than 2-to-1.
Sunday, November 25, 2007
Tennessee Titans -2
Cincinnati Bengals
Buffalo Bills
Jacksonville Jaguars -8.5
Oakland Raiders +5.5
Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs will finally get another win in Arrowhead Stadium, but only by a field goal.
Houston Texans +3.5
Cleveland Browns
I believe this game is an upset in the making. Houston travels to Cleveland, covers and wins.
Seattle Seahawks -3
St. Louis Rams
The Rams looked good in their win over New Orleans, and then barely defeated San Francisco. Seahawks may not be at the top of their game, but give the points.
Minnesota Vikings
New York Giants -7.5
New Orleans Saints -3
Carolina Panthers
Panthers are struggling to hold on to what record they have. Give the points.
Washington Redskins +3
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
San Francisco 49ers
Arizona Cardinals -11
Seems like a lot, but the Cardinals let the first match up slip away from them in the fourth quarter. They wonít make that mistake again.
Denver Broncos +1
Chicago Bears
It doesnít matter whoís running behind the Denver line, theyíll make their yards. Add the return of Javon Walker and Jay Cutler should be looking at another great game.
Baltimore Ravens +9
San Diego Chargers
Iíve picked the Ravens to upset this match up. Of course there is always the possibility that the Superchargers could reappear at this game. Who knows, theyíre unpredictable this year.
Sunday, November 25, 2007 Sunday Night Football
Philadelphia Eagles
New England Patriots -24.5
This line keeps giving more and more points every time I look at it, but what can you do? The Patriots are 9-1 against the spread, have beaten most of their opponents by more than 20 points, and Donovan McNabb will be on the bench. Throw up your hands and give the points.
Monday, November 26, 2007 Monday Night Football
Miami Dolphins +16.5
Pittsburgh Steelers
No upset here, but even though the Dolphins are 0-10, five of those losses were only by three points. The Dolphins will go 0-11, but they will beat the spread.
And that will wrap up the Week 12 picks against the spread. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving holiday. Letís get on with some more football!!!
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