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Default Section IV. Use of Best Bets in Tie-Breaker Games

There are no limits - minimum or maximum - on the number of tie-breaker games that need to be included among each picker's Best Bets; if the tied pickers had the same overall record in the five tie-breaker games, the one with the best won-lost percentage in tie-breaker games designated as Best Bets will finish higher. (Example: Only one of A's three Best Bets was used in a tie-breaker game and the team so used covers, while B uses all three Best Bets in tie-breaker games and two of them cover; in that case A wins the tie-breaker because 1-0 is a better won-lost percentage than 2-1).

If a picker uses no Best Bets in any of the tie-breaker games, the resulting 0-0 record is treated as a .500 won-lost percentage; i.e., it neither outranks nor is outranked by another picker who goes 1-1. As between pickers with no losses, a 2-0 record does outrank a 1-0 record, etc., and as between those with no wins 0-1 is considered superior to 0-2, etc.

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