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Originally Posted by KevinBeane View Post
On one hand, you could argue that the difference is intent and malice. On the other hand, my story on Mike Vick some time ago (where I said that most of us don't have the standing to condemn him, I think I made the same comparison to Leonard Little, another DUI killer, and wondered if race played a part of our reaction) got the most negative feedback of anything I have ever wrote. People care about animals more than they care about adult humans.
Yeah, I think that's a really interesting point.

I think that the NFL and Goodell want to see Vick succeed. Imagine how much the league would benefit if Vick wins a Super Bowl. Now, Goodell can talk about how immature Vick was early and how he got into trouble, but after serving his time the NFL forgave him and he was rehabilitated with the help of the league. As much as I don't like the guy, Vick served his time and wants to play in the NFL again. Here's his chance. He better not screw it up, again.
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