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Boston, good point on Romo. I don't think someone who has only played half a season deserves to be eligible for the Pro Bowl. In my opinion, Michael Vick should have gone over him. I know everyone says Vick is overrated and all. But I think while he may not be an elite passer, if you combine his passing with his running ability he is a huge playmaker.

Here are Vick's stats when his passing and rushing is combined:

3,274 yards 21 TDs and 11 INTs. Pretty good stuff if you want to talk his overall productivity. Not to mention he broke the record for rushing yards by a QB this year.

I don't think Vick is an overrated player. I think he just gets a bad rap because of his off games passing the ball. But when you take in to account his running ability, he can be an amazing talent. He just needs a better team around him if you ask me. A team like the one he led to the NFC title game.
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