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Lesnar was pounding Mir and completely dominating the fight up until he got kneebared. About 45 seconds before Lesnar got submitted, I thought the ref was going to stop the fight. Lesnar was on top of the Mir, in side control, just dropped elbows and hammer fists. It was pretty close to being stopped.

Lesnar took Mir down easily and was never in any danger from strikes. He actually caught Mir with a right hook to knock Mir down. Mir had 2 arm bar attempts which Lesnar stood up out of and neither were close.

Mir stood up out of a 3rd armbar attempt, and basically Mir transitioned from the arm bar and grabbed Lesnar's leg immediately after Lesnar stepped out of the arm bar and trapped his leg for the knee bar. It was a pretty slick move.

It was an experience thing, Lesnar realized what was going on 1/10th of a second too late. He tried to jump out of the kneebar and Mir turned and cranked it down. A more experienced fighter might have been able to roll with the knee bar and get out. Mir was bleeding from the face and pretty beat up after less than 2 minutes.

Sylvia landed a left hook straight right combo that put Nog down in the first and was landing straight rights and left hooks over and over and over. He defended every single takedown attempt until the 3rd round, when Nog got him down, and within 30 seconds he transitioned from a kimura lock into a guillotine choke. Nogs face was a bloody mess. Thats probably a fight Sylvia will lose 9/10 unless he can get a KO in the first or second. Because at some point during Nog was going to get a takedown, and Sylvia was completely outclassed the second it went to the ground. Nog was fast and fluid the second the fight hit the floor.


That said, there are quite a few decent heavies under UFC contract that are not submission experts, that Lesnar will be able to easily take down and pound out. He didn't sustain any damage in the fight, I'm assuming he tapped to the kneebar before there was any damage. So he should be ready to fight again in 2 months. He could easily fight 2-3 times in the next 7-8 months and get 3 impressive ground and pound wins and get some experience and work on sub defense. I think in a year, he beats Mir in a rematch (on new years eve possibly?) and in 2 years he's making at run at the title. Lesnar moves really really well for a 280lb man. He's fast and fluid. Not just his takedowns, but the way he moved when he had Mir down, you'd think you were watching a 170lber on the ground. His striking looked fine, and he timed his takedowns well, no bad shots from the outside. One of his takedowns he caught a leg kick from Mir. Lesnar definately has the athletic ability required to be not just a dominant wrestler, but to be very good at striking and submissions. He's really quick. Someone else pointed it out, that had Lesnar not gone for takedowns and opted to stand and trade hands, he probably would have KOed Mir standing. I probably sound like a broken record, but his hand speed was that much better. The only question mark is his chin, because he's still never been hit.

FYI, the UFC mentioned during the telecast, that they had to custom make XXXL size gloves for him because the XXL gloves did not fit. The custom XXXL gloves were still tight and had to be cut a little to fit. Those are some big hands.

Alot of respect for Lesnar for taking a fight against a guy whos strengths were Lesnars biggest weakest in only his 2nd professional fight. He stepped in against a legit HW and nearly TKOed him. 5-6 fights against gradually better competition and Lesnar will be a force.

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