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That was one of the funniest things I have ever read. Since I hate the Red Sox, even before the World Series and even more than the Yankees, this was right up my alley. I just enjoy the following:

9. Cowboy Up

16. Hating Bill Buckner for 18 years.

17. Suddenly forgiving Bill Buckner, as if you haven't loathed every fiber of his soul for the past 18 years.

86. Another Page 2 story on the Red Sox or Yankees? My god, can't you clowns give it up? There are other teams out there, you know. Do you realize the Blue Jays are in first place right now? Even the Devil Rays are ahead of your beloved Red Sox and Yankees. Gimme a break. How 'bout the other Sox? They haven't won since 1917. When's the last time somebody made a documentary on their fans? And how 'bout those Brewers? Off to a 4-2 start? What do your columnists think about their chances this season? But, no ... Red Sox, Red Sox, Red Sox ...
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