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Originally Posted by da12ken View Post
This was something I came up with...

Time to separate the fakers from the realists. Are you a diehard fan or do you dust off that purple and gold flag every spring?

Take the Lakers Litmus Test and find out which Laker you are based on your knowledge of the team's history. Write down your answers as you go along.

Easy: 1 point
1) Prior to Los Angeles what city was home to the Lakers? If you don't know this you might as well stop right now. Minneapolis

2) Before the Staples Center was built where did the Lakers play? Great Western Forum...aka The Fabulous Forum in the hellish eyesore that is Inglewood, California (sighs with fondness)

3) Who currently owns the Lakers? Dr. Jerry Buss writes the checks but Kobe makes the decisions

4) Which player on the Lakers has a dad who is the head coach of another NBA team? Coby Karl who apparently got heavy minutes in the summer league

5) If college had been mandatory for Kobe Bryant he would have played basketball for which university? Selfish U. ?

6) What Laker great is the silhouette on the NBA logo? James Edwards...nah...make it Jerry West

7) Who had one of the greatest performances in a NBA Finals game with 42 points, 15 rebounds and 7 assists while playing at the center position? God...aka...Magic Johnson...BTW Ken: it's THE greatest...not "one of"...

8) Which two current Lakers are local boys, having grown up in Southern California and played college ball at UCLA? Must identity both players for one point. Jordan Farmar and Trevor Ariza

9) Who is the only person to win a title as a Laker player and then later as the Laker head coach? Randy Pfund...make that Randy Pfund's current boss: Pat Riley

10) What was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's government name? Lew Alcindor...or as Eddie Vedder calls him..."Sweet Lew"

11) Who was the late, great play-by-play announcer for the Lakers? Chick Hearn...who convinced Jerry West to pick Magic Johnson in the 1979 draft over Sidney Moncrief...(thank the maker)

Moderate: 2 points
1) Who is the all-time franchise leader in points? Jerry West

2) What player did the Lakers lose in free agency that gave them the first pick in the 1979 draft as compensation? Gail Goodrich...and I nearly cried

3) Which pioneer of the triangle offense was Phil Jackson's long-time right-hand man? Tex Winters

4) Name the colleges these Lakers attended: Lamar Odom and Derek Fisher. One point for each correct answer. Odom - Rhode Island, Fish - Arkansas Little Rock?

5) Who did the Lakers select with their first-round pick in the 2008 draft? They didn't have a pick but I'm not sure who got it. I wanna say Memphis but can't recall...too modern of a question

6) Who was Shaq's first Laker head coach? Del "I couldn't coach my way out of paper bag" Harris

7) In 1997 Kobe became the NBA Slam Dunk Champion by emulating a move from a former dunk champion and future teammate. Who was this player and what was his dunk called? One point for each correct answer. I have no clue and am proud of this fact

Hard: 3 points
1) How many NBA championships have the Lakers won? 14 but should have more if they didn't freakin' blow 1966, 1969 and 1984...(blood pressure goes up)

2) Who is the only Laker to ever win NBA Defensive Player of the Year? COOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!! or Dark Gable according to teammates

3) Who is the only Laker to ever win NBA Rookie of the Year? Elgin Baylor but I'm not sure if it's 1957 or 1958

4) The Lakers have not won a championship since this fan favorite big man left town as a free agent. It ain't Shaq cuz he was traded. Mark Madsen?

5) During the Lakers three-peat earlier this decade there were 7 players who played in the postseason for all three championship teams. Name them. One point for three correct answers. Two points for six correct answers. Three points for all seven. Damn, this is a good one. Here we go: Shaq, Kobe, Rick Fox, Rob Horry, D-Fish, Devean "I've never passed up a shot" George and ...I don't know. I'll throw in Brian Shaw

Have all your responses ready? Hurry up because the answers are right down there!

Answers coming up!

1.1 Minneapolis
1.2 Great Western Forum
1.3 Jerry Buss
1.4 Coby Karl
1.5 Duke
1.6 Jerry West
1.7 Magic Johnson
1.8 Trevor Ariza and Jordan Farmar
1.9 Pat Riley
1.10 Lew Alcindor
1.11 Chick Hearn
11 possible points

2.1 Jerry West
2.2 Gail Goodrich
2.3 Tex Winter
2.4 Rhode Island, Arkansas-Little Rock
2.5 Trick question; it was traded to Memphis in the Pau Gasol deal
2.6 Del Harris
2.7 Isaiah Rider, East Bay Funk Dunk
14 possible points

3.1 14
3.2 Michael Cooper
3.3 Elgin Baylor
3.4 Mark Madsen
3.5 Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Derek Fisher, Rick Fox, Robert Horry, Devean George and Brian Shaw
15 possible points

Count up all your points.

Got your final score? Great. Now find out which Laker you are:

(0-4) Slava Medvedenko - You suck
(5-9) Kwame Brown - Never could get it together
(10-13) Smush Parker - Way too arrogant and lackadaisical
(14-16) Nick Van Exel - Reckless with limited repertoire
(17-19) Eddie Jones - Brief flashes of brilliance
(20-22) Byron Scott - Deserves respect
(23-25) James Worthy - Solid all-around game
(26-28) Elgin Baylor - Surprising people with your talent
(29-31) Kobe Bryant - Humble yourself to achieve greatness
(32-34) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Got game but everyone hates you
(35-37) Shaquille O'Neal - If only you worked a little harder...
(38-40) Magic Johnson - As close to perfection there is.

For the record I hate the Lakers =)
...and scored 27, which means I'm running the Clippers =(
37...DAMN! Not that settling for Shaq is anything to sneeze at but I wanna be Magic!

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