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Wow bama, you bring up a very good point. I consider myself to be a fairly religous person, but I never even thought of the tsunami as an act of God or being done by evil. But I am going to have to say that this is was just a natural disaster that had devistating results.

Ok, now just think about all of the hurricanes that hit the US ever. The reason why we don't have death tolls in the thousands is because we are better prepared and have better protection (better houses and what not). I'm sure that if a tsunami hit the US that there would have been deaths, but with better standing houses and possible being informed before it happened, that many more lives would have been saved. This same idea of hurricanes can be carried over to eathquakes: the US has better structures that stand up during earthquakes.

You bring up a good point about how these horrible disasters happen in third-world countries, but the fact that they are "third-world" countries is the reason why so many people die.
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