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I was alluding to this in my first post actually To me, everything boils down to self-interest. I don't mean that's my personal philosophy, I mean that every choice a person makes is based on self-interest, no matter how selfless it may seem. Because of that, it's my opinion that happiness is the the goal everyone has when you break things down to the basest idea. So, Beethoven did what he did because it made him happy (or at least, less unhappy than not doing it). Your linguistics professor is the same way. Perhaps happy isn't the best word; pleasure, contentment, enjoyment, it's all about feeling good. The difference is in what each person gains that good feeling from. So, when you ask why someone should bother waking up, why live if you don't offer something to the world, I would agree with Hibachi. If he enjoys his life, that is answer enough.

Which isn't to say I'm promoting fishing in any way! Fishing, otherwise known as sitting on a boat drinking beer and doing nothing :lol:
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I find it strange that people sit at home, around the dinner table and think, "Damnit! People are gay!"
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