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To be fair I am not sure how one makes a case for Kershaw over Padilla when he was awful in game one while Padilla gave the Dodgers seven strong innings in game two.
But, it's Vicente Padilla.

Seriously, here's the case for Kershaw over Padilla...Kershaw was awful and Padilla gave the Dodgers seven strong innings in game 2. You make the case yourself. You can't expect Padilla to be strong for another seven innings against the Phillies. So, I don't take Padilla's first start as indication he needs to go again and pitch ahead of Kershaw especially, because at some point the real Vicente Padilla will show up and that's what happened last night.

As for Kershaw being awful, he made a mistake pitch to Ruiz and then fell apart. That was in the 5th inning. Not the first time that has happened to Kershaw. You give him the benefit of the doubt and see if he can go longer in his second appearance against them.

You don't go with Padilla because Padilla is an average pitcher. The rotation should have been Billingsley-Kershaw-Wolf-Padilla. Maybe flip Wolf/Padilla with Wolf as the Game 7 starter.
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