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Originally Posted by HibachiDG View Post
I haven't heard one piece of information that would lead me to believe that Americans as a whole don't generally think this is a successful country.
Of course you haven't because the only people you hear stuff from are your yacht club buddies with their trust funds, sitting in their plaid pants, sweater vest, and fancy hair-- hair that they won't even have when they get to be 50.

Again, if I was lawyer taking money from people in compromised positions, charging the poor guy who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident his other leg for lawyer fees, yeah, I would think that is a successful nation too.

Try asking the Indians, Chinese during the 19th century, and Japanese during WWII: I don't think that those guys are saying 'oh yeah, this is a wonderful country.'

Again, I invite you to live a day in my shoes, where I take it day by day, where each day could be my last, where I don't know if I am going to be able to feed my family or not, and where I have to carry a .45 in my back pocket just to feel safe.

Yeah, you may not be rich now, but I know the story: you graduate, live in Memphis, meet Danny Devito one day, take down the big insurance company, and next thing you know your scheming kids out of their lunch money.

Guess what, though? There is no Danny Devito for us and the only insurance company that we know is the one that won't cover us because we are a liability.

Liability? Try telling that to the family that relies on me to put clothes on their back and food on their table.

The forces are against me; I have the world on my back here and it's only getting heavier every day.

Try coming down here where it's cold, and it's bleak, and the world doesn't stop for nobody. But, again, some people weren't fit for this kind of stuff-- they are only fit for sailing on their yachts and cheating on their wife on business trips; business trips that start happening more and more often.

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