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Default What a Life I've Had !

I think I posted this story before, but I know we have a lot of new members so I will post it again.

In 1982 I had gone to LA by Greyhound bus to find my fortune. All I found was a motel room where I smoked marijuana all day. I did nothing. Didn't look for a job--just stayed there until Iwas broke. I was searching for something-my life was meaningless.

So I got depressed and homesick so I decided to hitch home to Alabama. What a trip. Every homosexual in LA tried to pick me up. I was good-looking back then lol Long curly hair and a nice figure lol

Finally got a ride with a trucker, but had to help him unload frozen food in LA. He paid me $20.00. He was heading back to Texas so I had a good ride toward Bama. But he got a call from his company and had to head toward Seattle. So he dropped me in Bakersfield, Ca. I hitched from there.

took me three days to get out of California. I finally got picked up by some nice people where they let me spend the night in there home and they fed me.

One guy picked me up and gave me an ounce of pot. But later I saw some cops heading my way on the road and I threw that ounce down an embankment never to be found. The bad part the cops just passed me by.

Some guy took me for a scary ride in a dunebuggy very close to high cliffs.

I almost burned up hitching from Blythe, California and Indio Ca. It was so hot.

Finally made it to Arizona and slept in a cemetary in Tempe Arizona.

Finally got picked up by the crAZy guy in Wilcox Arizona. He looked like Charles Manson. Plus he was popping this big white pills on the way. He said he was heading to Daytona Beach Florida.

I was broke and hungary when he picked me up. He was driving a customize van. Real nice and loaded with all kinds of goodies. But this crazy guy would give me nothing to eat. He made me drive most the distance toward Bama.

Finally I was disgusted and hungary and when he went inside a gas station to pay I slipped behind the wheel and took off with the Van toward Alabama. We were outside New Orleans on I-10. I left him behind. Now everything belonged to me.

Finally made it to Alabama in Mobile. I sold everything in the van at Pawn shops to get money for food and drugs.

Finally got broke again so I turned myself in at the Mobile police department and told them I stole the van from this guy in New Orleans.

I just wanted to get locked up and be fed. i was so disgusted with my life.

So the detective locked me in the holding cell while he checked out my story. I was in there four hours before he returned to let me go free. I said what is up with this? I'm guilty! The detective said your free to go because the van was already stolen. I was floored. This crazy guy had stolen the van in California. Even though I sold all the stuff inside they still let me go.

Man what a miracle for me in the long run.

Oh those white pills I mentioned were later identified as Navane. A anti-psychotic drug for craZY people. Man what a six day adventure I had. Please don't try what I did lol

I have more weird stories later. I could really write a book. I will tell a story later where I threatened to kill then President Reagan from my jail cell in Tampa, Florida. What a crazy time for me. I was so insane for so many years. By the way I voted for Reagan. I didn't want to harm him. I had an insane reason for doing what I did. Will tell more later.
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