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Originally posted by edgar109
The problem with Ferentz, is that he won't be the next Penn State coach. Look at Houston Nutt turning down Nebraska. He wouldn't leave a worse program than Iowa for a better program then Penn State. Penn State won't pay him nearly enough money to leave Iowa (never mind enough to attract him from the NFL). Besides, in Iowa he already has built a national power better than Penn State.
Iowa can never compare to what Penn State was and could be. Even if Iowa went 12-0 and won the national championship they can never build to the national power Penn State was. Before Penn State joined the Big Ten you could almost put them up there with Notre Dame. They produced hords of NFL players (which they still do- 4 1st round picks out of PSU last draft) and consistently went to New Year's Day bowl games. Then in 1999 everything changed. Ever since the Minnesota game in that year the program has been on a downfall. You know why? Horrendous coaching. Penn State has some of the stupidest people coaching the players. Ever since Jerry Sandusky left, excluding 2002 when almost the entire D-Line was seniors and future NFLers, the D has been bad, Fran Ganter and Jay Paterno couldn't coach themselves out of a cardboard box and JoePa just sits there and says that everything is ok. The sad part is that this team has the talent to win. If this team had even average coaches they could be national championship contenders. I know the coaches aren't the ones passing and making tackles so a 3-9 season is partly the players fault but IMO they've been coached so poorly they don't know how to win a CFB game.

There is a tremendous difference between Nebraska and Penn State. Pederson fired Solich after winning and taking them to bowl games every year. Joe Paterno has suffered through 3 losing seasons out of the last 4. JoePa has been the head coach at Penn State for almost 40 years. Talk about job security. The problem with the Nebraska job is that someone is afraid to go there and lose. Pederson sounds like the Dan Snyder of college football. I don't blame Houston Nutt or any other college that turned down that job. I'd rather stay in Arkansas than bolt for a place with zero job security.
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