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All members are encouraged to join the Sports Central [email protected] Team! Together, we can combine our processor power and make a significant difference!

Just what is [email protected], you ask? SETI, or the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, is a scientific effort aiming to determine if there is intelligent life out in the universe. There are many methods that SETI scientific teams use to search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Many of these search billions of radio frequencies that flood the universe, looking for another civilization that might be transmitting a radio signal. Other SETI teams search by looking for signals in pulses of light emanating from the stars.

[email protected] is one of the SETI projects that searches for extraterrestrial life. [email protected] allows anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to take part in the search. By using the computer while the owner is away, the [email protected] screensaver is able to search for extraterrestrial signals.

Team page: - Click the "Join" link.
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