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Default New System

I don't know if any of you remember, but last season I came up with a system, entitled "Alex's System" that awards strength of schedule and, of course, wins. I tweaked it to also award losses to Top 25 teams. In short, teams are awarded points based on wins based on the quality of the opponent. The points vary depending on the opponent:

Win vs a Top 5 team- 20
Win vs a Top 10 team- 16
Win vs a Top 25 team- 12
Win vs a Top 50 team- 8
Win vs a Top 75 team- 4
Win vs a 1-A team- 2
Win vs a 1-AA team- 1

Loss vs a Top 5 team- 3
Loss vs a Top 10 team- 1
Loss vs a Top 25 team- .5

The rank of opponent counts as of the game, i.e. Auburn's victory over LSU would count as a Top 5 win since that was LSU's position at that time.

Here are how the schedules of Auburn, Oklahoma and USC match up:

*Note*- For USC's game against Virginia Tech, the points will be averaged between that game and their lowest ranked opponent.

Auburn (11-0, 8-0)
Louisiana-Monroe- 1
Mississippi State- 1
LSU- 20
The Citadel- 1
Tennessee- 16
Louisiana Tech- 4
Arkansas- 4
Kentucky- 2
Ole Miss- 4
Georgia- 16
Alabama- 8

Total- 77

Oklahoma (11-0, 8-0)
Bowling Green- 4
Houston- 2
Oregon- 8
Texas Tech- 8
Texas- 16
Kansas State- 4
Oklahoma State- 12
Texas A&M- 12
Nebraska- 4
Baylor- 2

Total- 72

USC (12-0, 8-0)
Virginia Tech- 12
Colorado State- 2
Brigham Young- 4
Stanford- 8
Cal- 16
Arizona State- 12
Washington- 2
Washington State- 4
Oregon State- 8
Arizona- 2
Notre Dame- *8*
UCLA- *8*

Total- 79

Well, the system says USC vs Auburn in the Orange Bowl pending USC's games vs Notre Dame and UCLA. The system isn't perfect, there were a handful of borderline teams between being Top 50 or Top 75. A play off is still the best way to go but awarding strength of schedule is important. An 11-0 SEC team with wins against The Citadel, La-Lafayette and Houston should not be rewarded as a Big Ten or Pac-10 team with wins against Virginia, Syracuse and Kent State. This takes into effect the conference schedule as well and showed that despite a weak OOC schedule, Auburn's conference schedule was more challenging.

Feel free to comment. I'm not afraid of criticism.
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