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You have a point, Doug, but then again, Pippen was actually out there playing, and you, uh ... so I think his argument has a little more backing.
Actually, I'd say this benefits my argument more. Like you said, he is obviously biased. If he is saying that Kobe has it easier to get his shot, which is the premise of the article, I disagree with him entirely, which is why I am dismissing his argument. It is heavily flawed. It is made worse because it is likely based on his bias. I'll question many future Pippen opinions based on this.

It's hard to compare the Kobe game with Wilt's because there isn't footage of Wilt's. But, just going off what I read about the Wilt game and the stories about it...growing up in Philly, you hear a lot of them...I doubt Kobe's 81 could have been more impressive.

First off, the opposing team did more to stop Wilt than the Raptors did on Kobe. A lot of people who recount the game say that the way things were going, Wilt could have scored well over 100 if the game was straight up rather than them trying to keep Wilt from 100. The Knicks were down 20 something and holding the ball for the entire shot clock, fouling Wilt's teammates so Wilt couldn't score.

Second, it's still a 19 point gap. That's still a ton of points no matter how you slice it.

Third, Chamberlain was hitting mad 12 foot fallaway jumpers. Not just dunking on people. 28 of 32 foul shooting.

Both performances were crazy rarities. Probably frivolous to compare, but fun, because of the lack of footage from Wilt's game.
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