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Agreed, Stealth

I get the feeling he could be in for a rude awakening but I thought the same thing when he tried out for the Vikings & a got a contract for training camp. The guy's a good athlete & has a good background in wrestling all the way back to college. If he doesn't get too full of himself & go WWE gonzo, he just may wait for his moment & make some noise....or submit in 2 minutes.

I just like the fact that he's asked to fight someone with a name & cred right off the bat. He seems like he could be ready for the bright lights. As opposed to the hype of another newcomer, Kimbo Slice, who seems also to be smart enough to let them set him up with veritable tin cans i.e. 16th with Tank Abbot. Slice is just a hype machine based on brawling where I think Lesnar may be a pleasant surprise.

Hopefully it'll be a good one...
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