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Originally Posted by Dublin Mike View Post
I've basically decided to put my foot down. She IS NOT going to live with us, if it comes down to the fact she can't get up and walk. Jennifer has 3 older brothers, all of whom make much more money than us and are more than capable of taking care of her. The new house we just bought is not compatible with someone w/back pain. 2 different sets of stairs that she can't get up. And I'm not going to be the one to build a bathroom in MY downstairs entertainment room (yes, the one that houses my plasma.) ef that.
Good to hear that. Personally, I sacrificed most of my efforts for a situation like that when there was at least 7 lazy siblings that wouldn't step up to the plate & became nothing more than a martyr. I wish I had those years back where I should have forced their hands & made them share in the responsibility. Instead, they're all where they wanted to be in their lives while I learned to live a spartan lifestyle 'for the good of the family'.

Stay strong...

Good to see ay Tark. This thread has really taken off.

And I see you and Dano are getting along fabulously. :lol:

I'm such a people person...
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