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Big Pacers fan and I'm pretty worried we won't get back anything that really keep us in the running to be a legitimate threat to win the East. I have lots of faith in Donnie Walsh and Larry Legend to make a good deal, but it's just going to be really hard to get full value for an All Star that plays shutdown defense, is 26 years old and is only making $6.5 million, $7.15 million and $7.8 million over the next three seasons (4th highest paid played on Indy after JO, Austin Croshere and Jonathan Bender). On talent and basketball skill, this guy is the biggest bargain in the league. Nobody outside of Corey Maggette (30.25 mill over the next 4 seasons) is even close, really. Peja is cheap this year, but about to be a free agent and be making around $12 mil a year.

I would love a deal that includes Josh Howard. Still on his rookie contract making under $3 mil over this season and next. Artest for Howard and Marquis Daniels would be great for Indy in my opinion. Cuban would never do this deal though. Josh Howard might be the most slept on young talent in the league. He's legit and IMO the Mavs 2nd best player.

And looking at the salaries, I see some deals that could work with the Knicks. Artest and Fred Jones, for Eddy Curry, Trevor Ariza and David Lee would be great for the Pacers, I think. Both Ariza and Lee look to be solid rotation guys and Eddy Curry and JO down on the blocks would be dominant.

But regardless, there aren't many straight up trade options out there for Artest. Hopefully, Bird can get someone to take a Artest/Croshere package and get back a quality starter and two bench guys. Or something like that.

Lemme tell you, it's really hard right now watching both the Artest and Manny situations play out. Stupid crazy athletes. Arggh.
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