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OH, come on, Kevin. Barnett could EASILY have said then, "She's just not very good, she'll never get to play here" and saved himself some headaches one, two and four years down the road. The beating then would have saved him, and maybe the program. It certainly wouldn't have cost him his job... securing a spot for a kid who MIGHT have actually played in two or three years would have been worth it, I think.

There would have been no PR disaster, because it would have come as expected. And, if he was forced to keep her against his will, well, then, he should just plain ol' say so. Anything else makes him look dumber than he already looks.

I think the CU prez did what she needed to do, as regarding relieving him --likely permanently-- of his post. She regarded, as did everyone, his comments as incredibly inappropriate under the circumstances.

Girl: "RAPE!"
Coach: "You suck. I mean it. You blow. You suck so bad.."
Girl: "But I cried RAPE!"
Coach: "If you didn't suck, maybe you wouldn't get raped. Lord knows football players don't rape women who don't suck."

It wasn't his intent, but tense times require keeping adjectives and performance appraisals to a minimum.

It's funny, early in the season, when CU was struggling mightily, I happened to catch the CU football show on Fox SN Digital Central, and I was struck by just how bad this guy is on camera. Everything that left his mouth sounded like... garbage.

The guy's a decent football coach, but a PR wiz? Nuh-uh.

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