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Originally Posted by Brad O. View Post
I mostly agree with you, though this is substantially different than what you initially wrote:

I don't know that I would use the word overkill, but I agree that reversing the outcome of actual plays is the wrong way to go. I do like in-game consequences rather than post-game punishments, though. Fines aren't a realistic solution at the college level (or even the NFL, really). I guess suspensions could work, but that seems like overkill to me. It's also potentially subject to teams working the system. I generally like the way the NFL does things, with a stiff penalty (usually 15 yards) following the play. So a touchdown would stand, but you assess 15 yards on the extra point or the kickoff (opponent's choice).

I might be willing to go with touchdown reversal, etc., if the rules for what constitutes "taunting" were more clearly defined and evenly enforced. For now, I think a post-play penalty is more appropriate.

But should Billy Sims' patented "hang glide" move from the early '80s merit a nullification penalty? It would, under this rule, because he would typically start it before he actually crossed the goal line.

P.C. Thought Police? I think you're confusing censoring of political speech with protective parents and social conservatives who find that sort of language obscene. There's nothing politically correct about avoiding that use of the word "nuts"; it has nothing to do with politics whatsoever. That's Puritanism, not political correctness.

Then again, how can I argue with someone who looks to a Mr. T commercial for wisdom?

That had nothing to do with why the commercial failed to air in the U.S. Rather, the ad featured a Bruno-type character, at least highly effeminate, if not overtly gay (and it was gay-rights groups that persuaded Snickers not to air it here).

And I see you haven't even commented on UFC 114 yet. I have - in a full-length article I have submitted for publication on this very site.
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