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You know... I was listening to a radio broadcast of the LSU-UGA game, and one of the broadcasters had a very legitimate point about Oklahoma: Who have they beaten? Aside from a soft Texas team, nobody.

SC has beaten a mostly legitimate (in my mind) Wazzu team, and in doing so won its conference.

I think there's VERY legitimate argument that if a team can't win its conference, that team shouldn't challenge for the national title.

And besides, SC and LSU, I think, would be a heck of a matchup if LSU brought what they had last night.

(Unlike Ari, I think SC is a VERY GOOD, possibly GREAT, team.)

Ricky's point about SC's loss being in OT (3OT, at that) is right on. And, it was on the road. OU lost on a neutral field to a team that had never beaten a top five opponent before, and looked bad in losing the game.

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