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The big question for me, is why the polls have USC ranked ahead of LSU? The problem with the coaches and writers polls is that once ahead always ahead is the rule. How can you penalize a team for winning, they say, when the reality is I can't chamnge my mind, because then I would look stupid. USC started out higher in the polls and also lost first, that's the next problem, if you are going to loose, loose early. Although Florida didn't have a great season, they are packed with talent and will likely send more players to the NFL than anyone else. I just don't see how you can't reward a team after demolishing a top five team to win your conference championship. As bad as the BCS is for putting OU in the champuionship game, the polls are equally at fault for not putting LSU number one, and I haven't heard word one on the sports pundit circuit about that.
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