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Pimp's right on in AZ.
Washington's iffy... he MIGHT start there, but I just don't know.
Detroit wouldn't sign him.
Pittsburgh, if it wanted to go backwards even further at the RB position, would likely start him, but it's not clear what the offense is going to want next year. If they value hands... Antowain's not their man.

StLouis is a nonstarter because they have two RBs they like in Arlen Harris and Lamar Gordon.

Dallas... maybe, but I doubt it. Smith really isn't that big an improvement on Hambrick. More experienced, but...

The wierd thing about Antowain is that he might be pretty good that first year, but, his history in NE and Buffalo suggests that he dogs it in year 2 and on..

He'll be somewhere, but I doubt he'll be starting without injury to the original starter.

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