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Well, the reality with the economy is that while the numbers look sharp, the middle class is being altered in a way that a lot of people don't like. The upper middle class is certainly gaining wealth, if not widening, while there becomes a gap with the rest of the middle class. So, it's not the economy, per se, that democrats are going to attack. Just in getting more good paying jobs for the middle class and jobs with benefits.

The other thing the democrats should pass that will certainly may make the economy numbers look like they are dropping, on the whole, will be the minimum wage and raising that nationally. Although, raising the minimum wage hasn't had the drastic economic effects that people expect. Raising the minimum wage is something that on the surface, should hurt the economy, and you just have to justify the bumps down with the reasons for a fair salary for folks. However, in practice, a minimum wage raise has helped economies. A lot of economists are actually coming around on that, the old logic is heading out the window. Democrats should work on getting that done, but, I think most Republicans were seeing that as something to get done as well, mainly because of how it has worked in practice.
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