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Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 View Post
Please tell the very least...they pulled her out of class and asked her. Even so, what a s-hitty job of "educating"...

That's the first thing that blew my mind is that the guidance counselor walked up to her in study hall, sat across from her at the long table where she was sitting with a friend, proceeded to ask what where the scratches came from, then after being told commenced to tell her that another teacher saw them & was concerned that she was cutting herself & that's why the guidance counselor came "to see if she was alright". :redhot:

Another teacher with no idea of whom they have in class cuz it's so hard to figure out what kids ages 14-18 go thru and what each one of 'em is capable of.

& get wife is giving me **** for being pissed. She claims that they have the 'experience' that I lack in dealing with this. WTF???

I learned about raising numerous kids when I helped my mom out & I know my daughter better than they ever will. Besides, this is just an indicator of having experience ****ing things up on their end & shouldn't be a high point on their 'resume'....

They can't teach themselves let alone me...

Common sense ain't so common as they say.

I'll comment as your post plays out cuz it has my views in it...

But Christ in heaven, handled so poorly. A first "incident" (which is a non-incident in this case) like said story should have been dismissed by knowing your daughter yet noted for future reference in case SOMETHING were to happen later on


A teacher (a closer one) could have went up to her and said (in a non-threatening, inquisitive manner)

"Ouch! Looks like that hurt. Fall off your bike?"

To which your daughter would have explained the story of the rabbit cage. The "educator" would have avoided the embarrassment as well as the pissed off parent (Mr. Tarkus ) if this would have been the course of action. Hell, your daughter probably would have had no idea what the ulterior motive was in asking about it. Sounds as if she likes to shoot the s-hit...just like the old man. :lol:

Double Amen!

The killer is that the alleged cuts didn't even break the skin but were just red abrasions from the wire. After she answered & then was told about a teacher being concerned is what freaked her out. Now she's concerned that she's being looked at in this light to the point that her friends, who now know the story since 1 of them was there, are all rallying to her side & saying that she doesn't act like someone who would do that.

Great, now there's the teenage drama mixed in with all her friends involved.

I don't care if they want to be extra 'cautious' & check things out but this bull in a china shop BS is why kids are ****ed up in the first place. Telling her the reason for asking was beyond stupidity. Hell, coming to the conclusion that some kind of half-assed partial intervention of sorts was the right move should have some school staff on the hot seat for their lack of knowledge & poor decision making skills.

You use old Jedi mind tricks with 'em. Hell, if you can't figure out how to get what you want out of a 14-year-old's time to pack it in.
This is the Skittles story all over again as far as stupidity. & these are the people I'm paying to watch over & teach my child.


After f'ing it up the fact they didn't call you is pretty outrageous. If they had enough suspicion to ask and receive a response then they should have notified you considering your daughter probably gave a very hurried and frantic answer in return after being ambushed by an idiot.
Cutting the parents out of the loop is something that is too prevalent nowadays. The school district'll say it's not their job to raise your child, which is true, but then turn right around & tell you how to do it. **** that...

By my daughter's description, she didn't realize anything when asked about the scratches, just thought it was conversation but then became alarmed when told about the other teacher's comments. That's where in her description she sounded a bit frazzled & pleading to get the counselor to believe her. Bull**** once again...

I've helpd kids with drugs, pregnancy, abortions, STD scares and home trouble before. You never just drop a bomb on 'em cuz that only makes the situation "jolted".

I'm sure you'll get some half-assed answer like "well, it was step #1 in code
#5643 that we agreed on when dealing with situations like this"...
I'm sure I will & I'm sure I'll be telling them to cease the BS when it comes to my child which aught to go over real well...

My wife doesn't like to cause waves so she thinks I should just shut up & it'll magically go away. My point is **** 'em, they want to play games, I'll bring the ball...

But see Tark, this is why we need ya on the other side of the wall.

C'mon man, be a teacher.

If they won't listen to you, they won't even acknowledge I have a pulse.

It's just a shame that it used to be so straight forward before assholes decided to act like it was some sort of rocket science. It's common sense, taking responsibility, & not trying to re-invent the ****in' wheel.

I'm so pissed still I can't see straight. I'm sure this post is disjointed & long winded but I kept getting interrupted by this re-occurring image of me with a big grin & my boot up someone's ass...

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