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Thumbs down What is Houston Doing??

I want to start this by saying that I think Dekker will be a solid player in the league, no doubt... But houston passing on J. Grant last night was probably the biggest bonehead move I have seen in a while...

He instantly fills the main/only void the rockets have... A PG who can create his own shot AND can pass just as well. The entire reason they lost to GS in the WCF was because Harden can't just dribble around all game, hope to get open shots, or create his teammates for 90% of the game and win... On top of that, they already have a starting 3 in Ariza (which is locked into contract) with Brewer and Josh smith off the bench. They would obviously have to let those two go, or use them in a sign and Trade to get someone they think can fill that void, but still..... Why chance it or make it THAT much harder on yourselves...

It seems like they are just trying to fill the team with guys who can just be role players and not take away from Harden's spotlight... Horrible move in my opinion... Thoughts?
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