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Default SCMB Pick'Em Contest: Week 14

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The Next Generation of Fantasy Baseball

Week 14

Sunday, December 12:

Chicago at Jacksonville, 1:00 pm
N.Y. Giants at Baltimore, 1:00 pm
Seattle at Minnesota, 1:00 pm
New Orleans at Dallas, 1:00 pm
N.Y. Jets at Pittsburgh, 4:05 pm
St. Louis at Carolina, 4:15 pm
Detroit at Green Bay, 4:15 pm (Note Time Change)
Tampa Bay at San Diego, 4:15 pm
Philadelphia at Washington, 8:30 pm

Monday, December 13:

Kansas City at Tennessee, 9:00 pm (include combined tie-breaker score)

First-Time Pickers

Everyone is welcome to give their picks. Simply select the team from the 10 featured games above whom you think will win and list them in your post. For the Monday night game (the tie-breaker), you must also post the total combined score of the game in addition to the winning team.

Final Notes

The deadline for posting your picks is the kickoff of the earliest game listed. You may not post picks after any game in the pick'em has started as your selections will be disregarded. Furthermore, do not complain about the games selected - there is nothing scientific or exact about it. The goal is to pick the 10 best, most competitive games, period. With that said, good luck!

For Current Standings Click Here

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