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Default Clippers take one giant step forward. Cuttino Mobley will be a Clipper

I feel like playing Today Was a Good Day from ice-Cube.

Wow, it's unbelievable.

the web, especially Clipper fans are very excited. Mobley has agreed to a 5 year/42 million dollor deal with the Clippers. It gives the Clippers much needed help at shooting guard, and with Mobley's shooting ability, it keeps pests away from Elton Brand so he will now operate more easily inside, it will keep the zone defense away from the Clippers, making it easier for Corey Maggette to attack the basket and Shaun Livingston get to the midrange area where he does most of his damage.

But best of all, the Clippers as ownership stand point has finally went out and got themselves a freeagent outside of the orginazation.

I kinda believe the Clippers overpaid Mobley just a bit. I think a 36 million dollor contract for 5 years would be more apropriate for a player like mobley, especially at his age. But because he got overpaid slightly, it shows that the Clippers are willing to spend a little bit more money than usual in order to get a winning team. And with Mobley, the Clippers probably have one of the most solid starting line-ups in the league.

Don't think the Clippers are done yet,after signing Mobley, the Clippers will still have the flexibility to sign other players to boost up their semi weak bench. they have been going after Shareef Abder-Rahim, and arelooking to bring back Marko Jaric and Zeljko ReBraca. In some rumors say that Donyel Marshel is also on their radar. SAR would give the Clippers what Antonio McDyess is giving to the Pistons, but i would rather see the Clippers go after Marshell instead because he can shoot 3s and even though the Clippers now have Mobley, the Clips can use another shooter. And the Clippers are more in need of a backup SF than a backup PF. but I would be happy with either one. Clippers have also been looking at Bonzi Wells who can really provide spark off the bench, but i would rather the Clippers not sign Bonzi Wells. He's too much of a headcase for the Clippers, who have assembled a team of great NBA citizens.
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