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Seattle isn,t going to win didly squat and that is for certain. There coach is the same as denvers dud mike shanahan who can,t win with out john elway. well mike homlgren can,t win without brent farve. Never has and never will. take that too the bank. He looks like that fat golfer guy and nobody can really take him to serious. Farve was special and he won anyway. They don,t have anybody like that in seattle so forget that.
Dave you,ve said some things that were bad but nothing as bad as saying that warner is a fraud. He happened to be a league mvp buddy boy!!!!! Tell me any league mvp who was a fraud. man don,t be a dummy. warner has over a 98 qb rating for his life. He,s a classic qb and one of the best in the business. Are you just trying to say wierd things on purpose?

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