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with all the talk and bluster around Phoenix about how we are 'NOT REBUILDING' and how they will put together a playoff team THIS SEASON, those fans that believe the bull from the new "regime" will be THE most disappointed fans in hockey.

the rest of us Coyotes fans are already the most disappointed in hockey. we had such high hopes when the team was finally sold, when we knew we'd have Gretzky in charge... and look what we have so far. Mad Man Fletcher, cutting and slashing and lieing out both sides of his mouth while he does it.

Gotta be Phoenix. they've gutted my team and broken my heart and have proven they dont really give a damn about the fans waiting all this time for this team to be sold. not when Fletcher says we shouldn't be complaining, but just thankful the team isn't in Portland.

at least in portland we'd have a few of our recognizable stars left. they might was well leave the names off the jerseys on this team now.

bitter? who me??
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