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- Where are Dave and Kevin? -

If a KevinBean cuts down a hemp plant in the woods, does anyone hear it?


Dave and Kevin had their day, and that day is not now.
They had joy, they had fun, they had seasons in the sun.

When you crank open the lid on a 16 oz bottle o' Coca Cola you get that first fresh ffshhwwuup!!, don't ya?
You take your couple of gulps from that bad boy and it's GOOOOOD stuff, Maynard.
You close 'er up again.
Then when you crank that lid open for the second time it just ain't got the same ... *POP* ... to it that it initially had, right?

So Dave and Kevin, don't come around here no mo'.[/TomPetty]

Picture Willie Mays stumbling around in the Shea Stadium outfield.
Picture Whitesnake on it's 4th reunion tour.
Picture Sly as Rocky ... NOW.


That is not to say that some were not enriched by their initial offerings.
Some were.

Very little.

I recall medi0cre talents.
And we had some fun with them.
I banged it around with those fellas a few times, yep.
I learned little and laughed lots.

So Dave and Kevin, if you're reading this, yeah, yank your size 44's up over your sagging beer gut, step up to the rubber, and lob a 42 mph first pitch out.
Or ... drink a cream soda, or some damn thing.

But DON'T make some kind of a 'comeback'.

That song's been sung.

Michael Jordan - Washington Wizards
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