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Originally posted by Marc
I don't think Florida deserves a No. 1 seed with four conference losses and six overall ... I like 'Zona, UK, Texas, and one other.

I'm not high on Florida. They take WAY too much terrible shots that end up bricks. They are relying on inexperienced freshmen like Robertson, Walsh, and Drejer and Nelson has struggled. Plus, I don't like their lack of inside game, although they played us well in that area this time.

They are talking tough, just like Georgia, that they would beat us on their home floor. Close, but no cigar.
*blows whistle* Back the truck up. Matt Bonner is there leading scorer for starters. And he had troubles running because he has plantar facitis which kept Shaq, Peja Stoyakovic, and a few others i don't remember for a consciderable amount of time. So he didn't have his best game. Roberson is easily one of the best players in the country even as a freshman. Brett Nelson can run the point and pop off at anytime. And in most of those loses they have been in the game. 2 of those loses came to Kentucky. SO that immediatly means Kentucky is for real.

My #1 seeds, Arizona, Kentucky, Florida, Texas. ANd besides who else would go in except Florida who has lost fewer games? Oklahoma lost last weekend as well. Louisville is slippin, slippin fast and hard.
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