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Originally Posted by NAR(cotics) View Post
Nothing, who cares it was years ago on another team.

Get over it, thats like the high school girls who get drunk and take off their clothes and take pictures which get spread around the school. Than years later it is brought up when they run for president. NOBODY CARES ANYMORE...we all did it once. Or if not we did something just as stupid. Aight. Whats in the past is in the past, unless its something serious like murder.

Or if they run for governor of New York (see Carl Paladino). :lol:

And this case raises the same issue as the Ben Roethlisberger case did: Do you penalize the rest of the team - and its fan base - by suspending the player in question? And remember that, despite their 3-1 record while Big Ben was out, the Steelers did lose to the Ravens at home, which all but guarantees a Baltimore sweep based on the more than decade-long trend of what happens to a team that loses the first meeting at home to a division rival in the second meeting on the road (they also lose that game as well nearly three-fourths of the time, and virtually all of the time unless the team losing the first meeting is more than two games ahead in the standings at the time the rematch is played).

If, say, Favre is suspended for four games over this, the Vikings might as well forfeit those four games.
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