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Easy there shooter.. you're the aggressive one here, not me. Im just replying to you in the same tone you're writing to me.

That's only a portion of the reason why Coker wasnt fired, and even then, his contract extention still a moot point because he will get fired after this season and they'll still have to buy-out the remainder of his contract.

Miami fans called for blood, and we got what we asked. Plain and simple.

Maybe it wasnt to the degree that we wanted, but it will be next year! Regardless of the changes, we wern't going to be any better (with or without Kehoe & Soldinger)

Pete Garcia and Dee didnt want to fire Coker because it doesnt give enough time for Garcia to find a suitable replacement. This summer will prove to be a very, very busy offseason for them and it will give them time to do in depth analysis on who they want. The other reason why they didnt fire Coker right off the bat was to salvage something out of this recruiting class. If they would have gone for the gusto and replaced the whole staff, they would have been borderlining with disaster.
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