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There is no doubt who is the best player on this planet...
Well, if you're talking Kobe vs. Lebron, it's Kobe. Kobe just has some things in his game that Lebron doesn't have. While Lebron is a better finisher close to the basket and driving the basket, Kobe more than makes up for that by having a much better shooting repertoire. Kobe, with the flu today, hit a rainbow fade shot over Lebron to put the Lakers up 6 with just under 3 minutes to go, Lebron doesn't even have that shot in his arsenal.

The big thing about that, is that Lebron against weaker opponents will look as good as Kobe, but against strong opponents, you have to go with Kobe. The reason is because good defensive teams can do a bit more to stop Lebron's driving to the basket game, force him to take outside shots, like the Lakers did today. When that, happens, Lebron is not nearly as good.

Lebron had 12 assists, 8 rebounds tonight, but wasn't a huge effect on the outcome of the game. So, I'm not really going to chalk him up because he can fill up the stat sheet better, it's about impact on a game.
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