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Originally posted by TDR
So your traveling down the road in the back seat of the car during a road trip. Your buddies are calmly talking in the front seat and your sitting with your friend in the back.
Whoa!... must be a pretty big card with excellent suspension in it so you don't bounce up and down, the pieces fall all over; it also has a big table in it to fit the size of the board... sounds more like a lounge.

So let's say you're at home and have nothing to do... then I would go with the game I just got for Christmas, RISK. Anyone ever played it!?... it's a GREAT straedgy game, but you need A LOT of time and have to have played it a few times to figure out a good stratedgy, because the first few times you play it against "veterans," you're bound to get crushed for sure!!!

...runners up are Monopoly and Clue.
My favorite card game is Cribbage. If you ever play on MSN's, my user name is fantasynhl.

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