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I enjoyed it. Chris Anderson stunk it up, but the other guys were decent.. For me it was a tie between Josh Smith's over Kenyon Martin dunk and Amare Stoudemire's alley-oop off of Nash's head as the best dunks of the show, but since Amare royally screwed up his between-the-legs reverse jam, he fell a little short..

and it's easy to see why the smaller guys fare better than guys like Amare: it just looks more spectacular to see a guy hanging in the air much longer. What's more exciting- watching Yao Ming hardly leave the floor when dunking, or Spud Webb flying unnaturally through the air?

I really enjoyed Josh Smith's performance; the award was well-deserved, but the guy had a damn poker face the whole time.. at least crack a smile when they hand you the award, dude!
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