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I'm glad for Croom. It's too bad that he'll have to beat his alma mater year after to year to prove his point.

I'm not sure that about all this Shula bashing. The Tide kept in a lot of their games, and has been noted in other threads, kept their game against OU, many people's national champion-elect, winnable.

Shula will need time, which Bama fans might not be willing to give. They will overlook that he had no offseason this year, and that his recruiting class this year is going to be miniscule (11, if I recall correctly, scholarships is all Shula can give to football players) and lacking in superstar/pro-ready talent.

Croom will need the same allotment of time, if not more. At least Shula can always cry himself to sleep over past wrongs not his making limiting him. Croom will be cursing Jackie Sherrill every night of his first season, wondering how the guy allowed such a sad state of affairs. And this without the NCAA coming in and taking away scholarships or sanctioning the school for bad behavior.

What will be worse, imo, is that if Sherrill is stepping down now so he's not the guy in charge should the NCAA report in the offseason that Miss State is being sanctioned for actions that occurred under Sherrill's regime. (Did the NCAA ever report on their investigations from last summer?)

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