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The schedule is no longer based on position of finish anymore, with the exception of two? games. Six games in division. Four games against a division in conference. Four games in a division from the other conference. One game against a similarly positioned team from each conference for the other two games. Parcells "lucked" into playing against two teams he coached in the AFC East, since the AFC East plays the NFC East this season. While I'm not familiar with the Cowboys' schedule off the top of my head, looks like they play the NFC South. Gonna be a bad time in Irving, TX.

Meanwhile, 22, I agree that Hutchinson will have a slightly better opportunity to show his stuff this year, with some coaching going on around and toward him. Last year was a joke. Campo, as a head coach, is a joke. And Coslet as an OC is a joke. Fortunately, they're gone (did Coslet end up somewhere, btw?; if he did, I need to bet the under on that team).

As for Hambrick: Parcells is going to have to want to give him the ball. The 'Boys report tomorrow, right? Is he going to come in at the weight Parcells wants him at? Parcells will bench him just to prove a point, let's see if Hambrick can respond to some real coaching, or if he hightails it for the locker room.

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