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Well, Kobe finished with 51 and sat out the 4th quarter !!!!!
He has 93 points in his last 6 quarters of play !!!!!!!!

I saw all his highlights on Sportscenter #47. The move you talked about was SPECTACULAR

I know Kobe's not god, and I'll try to avoid a jinx #47...LOL. Just happy to see this kind of domination.

ESPN is already talking about him for MVP, which is rediculous. Leave it to ESPN to stir up stuff that is junk at this point. The fact remains the Lakers are still only 26-23 and they don't give MVP to players on teams that don't finish either first or second ( Jordan's Bulls in 88 I believe). Unless Kobe led a charge, and went truly nuts, and the Lakers finished something like 52-30, AND finished in the top 3 in the West, then I would say, consideration is valid.

If they don't finish in the top 3 in the West, giving him MVP would be a COMPLETE injustice to Tim Duncan, provided his Spurs stay on course and finish with atleast the second or third best record in the West.
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