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Default sleeper teams

You better watch the dallas cowboys fellas. (notice i didn,t say boys) Yeah i,ve seen how bill parcels knows his business with the jets and eagels and patriots. He knew how to coach a winner and mark my words he will also make the cowboys to winners. He,s and old style coach who knows that he,s the boss and won,t take any crap from goofy players. It,s his way or the highway. He,ll get results. Dallas wins there diviison with maybe 11-5 or maybe better. Chad huntchinson will be good enough and you watch that to. he,s a pocket passer and you know how i think on that. I think parcels will make spurier cry and that will be cool. I hate that little mommas boy. I,ve never seen a whimp as much as him in the nfl. I wish they would kick him out of the league because it makes a bad name for pro football. What a girl. so dallas. Thats my nfc sleeper team.

The ravens will be good in the afc. There coach could whip the ass of about any other coach there i swear to god. Have you ever looked at his face?? You better believe that his players will listen to him. They have really good linebackers to and ray lewis will give a big beatdown to anyone not paying attention. They will rise up again and mark that down. they have no completiton in there division anyway. What the bengals?? HAhahahhahaha. NO no no, nobody can challenge them in there division. Pencil in dallas to play ravens in the super bowl and dallas wins 27-23.

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