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Originally Posted by Brad O. View Post
One (at least moderately) bold prediction for each division:

1] The Bengals will finish under .500.

2] The Jaguars will win the AFC South.

3] The Patriots will start the season so shaky that they barely make the playoffs.

4] Denver will finish under .500 and third in the AFC West.

5] Green Bay will finish last in the NFC North.

6] Either Jake Delhomme will play well, and Carolina will win its division, or Delhomme will play poorly and be benched for David Carr by Thanksgiving.

7] Philadelphia will win the NFC East in a runaway. Unless Donovan McNabb gets hurt early in the season, in which case Philly misses the postseason altogether and Dallas wins the division.

8] Shaun Alexander averages under 4 yards per carry, and the Seahawks win the NFC West anyway. Everyone's talking about a changing of the guard, but Seattle hangs on for another season.

1] The Bengals have only finished over .500 once in the last 16 years, so I can't argue too strenuously here, even though I've already picked them to win 10 this season.

2] If David Garrard finishes ahead of Peyton Manning, Tony Dungy should be fired.

3] If the Patriots exhibit any shakiness, it will be at the end of the season, not at the beginning - because what figures to be an extremely pass-happy, vertical offense may not function as efficiently once the weather and field conditions start to deteriorate.

4] That would require Mike Shanahan to finish behind Norv Turner and/or Lane Kiffin - aka the new David Shula - in which case Shanahan should be fired.

5] If Tarvaris Jackson finishes ahead of Brett Favre - or even Aaron Rodgers - Mike McCarthy should be fired.

6] Heaven help the Panthers if you're right and Delhomme doesn't play well, given Carr's .293 lifetime winning percentage as a starter - the worst among all active NFL quarterbacks with 20 or more starts.

7] If you quantify talent the way most pre-season magazines (Street & Smith's, etc.) do - by giving each unit on both offense and defense some sort of grade and then simply adding all of the grades up - that would appear to be the case; but the combination of a dink-and-dunk offense and a tiny front seven on defense are going to do the same thing to the Eagles that the combination of alcohol and Valium did to Karen Ann Quinlan: Because they won't score 20 points a game - and I predict that the Eagles won't average 20 points a game this season - everybody's going to rip their defense to shreds by running right at it, up the middle. And it should be interesting to see what happens first: McNabb getting his block knocked off by a blitzing linebacker, or Joey Harrington getting benched in favor of Chris Redman. I say either or both is likely to have happened by Halloween.

8] Well Shaun Alexander isn't getting any younger, or any healthier, so that's not impossible.

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