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Hmmm. This is a new approach, not quite sure how to handle it. I guess I will have to play good cop/bad cop.

Good cop: Hi and welcome to our boards! Since the boards were already popular when I joined, I can't pinpoint what pushed the site into the "successful" zone but I imagine that it has a lot to do with our Main Page and our talanted stable of writers. People would surf in, read the articles, and then decide to join our community. I'm sure you can succeed as just a message board alone, but, as I don't run one, I can't give good advice, but I'm sure others can.

Bad Cop: Nice try...comping some free pub by kissing the butt of the host. And it worked! Our guest usually ignore spam but you got at least one person to sign up and it didn't cost you a thing. The way people try to get free spam to stick gets slicker every day but I and my fellow mods stay one step ahead. I've removed your link. You can have it in your signature but you can't make posts about it. If your question is an honest one, and not a disguised attempt at free advertising, you won't even MIND that I removed the link. Otherwise, contact our adminstrator for advertising rates.

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